3-Season Mummy Sleeping Bag with Waterproof Shell

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The Mummy Sleeping Bag by Survival Hax is the best 3 season Sleeping Bag, this side of Amazon. While the rest of your friends are tossing and turning all night in their lumpy sleeping bags, you'll be sleeping like a baby as if two angels were cradling you inside of a soft cloud. Not convinced? Read what one of our customers had to say. “I got two Mummy Sleeping Bags for my girlfriend and I before our camping trip. Unfortunately she dumped me the day before, but I still went by myself. My Mummy bag made me feel like I was being hugged by the Snuggle Bear from those fabric commercials all night and the pain in my heart was gone the next day!” – Kent Burton, Utah FAQ 1. Is this a zero degree bag? Our Mummy Bag can handle temperatures up to -2 Degrees Celsius. This comes out to around 24 degrees Fahrenheit and will not keep you warm if you're on Mount Everest. This is a 3-season while zero G is made for cold temps. FAQ 2. Is it water resistant? Yes. The outer material can resist water and you'll stay dry outdoors. However, if you saturate the bag in water it will eventually soak through the lining. There is a difference between waterproof and water resist. Specs: 220x80x50 CM Length: 86.6 inches (Just over 7 feet) Head Width: 31.4 inches (Over 2 ½ feet wide) Feet Width: 19.6 inches Maximum Cold Temperature: -2C (24 Fahrenheit) Optimal Temperature: 0 to +15C (32 – 59 Fahrenheit) Shell Material: 190T Polyester Lining Material: 190T Polyester Pongee (Water Resistant) Sleeping Bag Weight: 2.53 pounds One of the best sleeping bags you can get for camping in the woods, backpacking in the hills, or even a backyard sleepover. Don't delay, get your Mummy Bag while they're on sale today!

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