FengTu 60L Outdoor Sport Bags Water-resistant Hiking Backpack for Men And Women/Trekking Bag Backpacking/Climbing Backpack/camping Backpack/Travel Backpack Mountaineering Backpacks

Product description

☎The Backpack belonging to outdoor climbing package with a capacity of 60L, large capacity so you can hold more travel articles. ☎Material selection nylon waterproof material, more in line with the outdoors. ☎Men and women can use. Used in mountain climbing, camping, hiking and other scenes. The package design unique nylon splash water materials for travel travel. For men and women. ☎This bag material is relatively light, and not the feeling of most of the package bulky, short and long-distance travel can be applied. Waist zippered pocket, snap-back waist while you can put some small objects inside. ☎Cups and the like on the side of the net bag. The buckle design has a whistle, easy to get lost when you whistle first aid. Budget: ☎Tipo Item: Backpack ☎Número Product: FT0435 ☎ Gender: Unisex ☎Color: Blue / Black / green / dark green (optional) ☎ Capacity: 60L ☎ Size: length 35cm, width 25cm, height 70cm ☎Weight: 0.96kg ☎Function: Trekking Climbing, Hiking, Travel, Camping, etc.

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